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The Origin

LEDSparks was developed because we saw a need of specific products which we felt we could do better. We manufacture a variety of LED products - Linear Strips, RGB Controllers, Lamps, Dimmable Drivers, Linear Pendants, Wall Washers, Aluminum Profiles, Recess Lighting, Illumipanels, Landscape Lighting, and many custom applications.

Product Overview

       Our LED strips are high output and are available in 12 & 24 Volts, dimmable and we custom manufacture for specific needs. Most clients send drawings with specific lengths and we make them to their requirements. 
       Our outdoor LED linear glow strip is rated for underwater, UV , Saltwater, and Solvent resistant with IP68 and IK08, and UL Listings. The Aluminum profiles were created to compliment the LED strips for various applications. (recess, surface, undercounter, etc…) 
       Just the same,  our drivers come in a variety of sizes to fit every ones specific needs. Our MR16 lamps are among the most powerful in the market, touching 600 lumens puts them on top of the food chain consuming only 7 watts in 12V and 120V options makes them very popular choice. 
       The office linear pendants have proven to be very popular as well.  Interlocking with each other we can make various shapes and are extremely bright suspended or surface mounted they make a great look for any office environment or hallways. The wall washers come in half and 1 meter lengths, both in single color or RGB options, great for exterior wall washing. The recess line offers a 3” housings with a modern look. 
       With new construction, remodeling, and IC rated housings we have all the options you need for any job you may have. Currently we offer a square baffle downlight adjustable trim and a vapor proof option of the same for showers or wet locations. Our MR16 lamp pairs excellent to these fixtures making them an excellent option for replacing a 50W version with only 7W providing a very efficient fixture at a value price point. 
       Another popular product is our Illumipanels excellent for backlighting translucent stones in bars, walls, also menus in restaurants, custom vinyl applications. The landscape line offers a cast brass options of Bullets,  composite inground with cast brass option, and a square stainless steel in-ground adjustable low voltage.

Let us know if you need anything custom made.
We have done many custom fixtures to meet specific client needs.